Kids Say...

Aniah (4yrs): "Zoe, is that your cousin?"
(Referring to Tristan who wasn't here when Aniah was enrolled.)
Zoe (4yrs): "No"
Aniah: "Then where did he come from??"

                "JUSTIN BIEBER will be too old to marry! Malia (8yrs)"

"Aww, I LOVE you Boochie bear!" Tristan (2yrs) 
(While HUGGING Maya)
                                                "You want a timeout?" Jr (2yrs)

"When Malia was 7, she went to "actual" school." Macie (5yrs)

         "I thought Moses was a GIRL!" Macie (5yrs)

"Watch and learn, Lydia!" (Zoe 4 yrs)